Saturday, January 21, 2017

Letter to Dennis Prager re: his question, "What saved your hopeless marriage?"

Hello Dennis,

My wife & I were at our end and had, in our hearts, truly given up. Counseling, talking, praying, reading books, everything we could think of...until we both came to this understanding: that our God loves us, He always has and, He always will - even if we fail at every effort to save our marriage. Or anything else for that matter.

Now, before you say, "Or vey! These two wanna sell me unconditional love, that was yesterday for cryin' out loud!", I do admit it's ironic that this applies the day after that show. Although I would say His love & acceptance for people is perfect, not "unconditional". Here's why. I believe that God makes people. It's not us who makes us. (see: Psalm 100 "it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves") So, if that is true, does He make things He hates? And, if He love's who He makes, when does He stop loving them? Or, once we lose this love, what must we do to get it back? What is the criteria, i.e. When do we know we are "good enough" for His love? Who determines these answers? These questions reveal to me that man is subjective while God is perfect so, because of this, He loves even the one who "makes his bed in hell" as the Psalmist wrote.

In Jeremiah there's a prophecy of the new covenant wherein we are told that, He will forgive our iniquities & remember our sins no more. I take that as a thing that happened, literally, at the cross of Christ. Therefore, All are forgiven - the saint who believes, and the unbeliever who goes to hell. I also believe those two states of mind produce very different kinds of 'fruit'. One who really KNOWS He loves Him will be less likely to sin while, one who "knows" He doesn't has nothing to lose - "Eat, drink & be merry, for tomorrow I die."

To shorten this up, it's not a question of, "Does He love unconditionally?" but, what is the love of the eternal God? Is it perfect and, is He the only one who can dispense it? 
The answers we found are, It is perfect, and, He alone has it to offer.

Thank you, Dennis, I hope very much to carry on this conversation with you more.
God bless you & keep up the good work, Mark and Suzette d. in Rancho C.

Monday, May 24, 2010

His love - Enough? It is

In me - is He? - mine eyes - you see?
Mercy - and grace - seek we - His face
All told - none more - giving - our Lord
Came God - to save - all souls - weak, brave

Babe small - some saw - earths' pall - hid awe
Under - His gaze - learning - our ways
Loved He - so much - strong, lame - as such

Young "man" - heart bursts - must fill - His thirsts
Finds twelve - knows one - sells soul - rest shun
Loves still - not "some" - gives all - takes crumb
Road there - blind see - lame walk - scores free

Save us - He would - suffer - our good
Recant - this grant ? - None can - He can't
Your job - just this - receive - His bliss
Precious - His blood - grant me - that flood

Saturday, May 22, 2010

When the going gets tough, it's Him, we needs knowing

"Doneday" was a good one - had my jobs and got 'em did
"Bluesday" thieves had their fun - took my blower and hid

"Amendsday" - we praise Him, and thank Him for His grace
"Reverse-day" had some vim - but soon back on my face

"Sigh-day", now repenting - For anger of lost gear
Just until lamenting, more theft from my trucks' rear

That's the way it is folks - There's danger living life!!
Moth and rust: spoil our hoax - In Jesus there's no strife!

Anyway, 4 C-notes, fell on me - like manna(s)
Jesus gets all my votes - (+ him who hates bananas)

Truly, that past blessing - From Tempke's ministry
Stopped this fool from stressing - God, from you, why'd I flee?

Thanks, Mike, for this blower - And trimmer soon possessed
Should you need a mower - You've got TWO! Do you jest?!

Just a joke I'm teasing, all I have is yours
If it's not displeasing - take my bills and chores

That's my tale, no waiver - nor "splaining" will you hear
But for just one favor - Rent free? Your house? A year?