Monday, January 28, 2019

God's Perfect Love? Or A Dysfunctional Relationship? Choices, choices..

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 In most denominations of Christian religion it is common to hear phrases like, "My relationship with God", "Make sure you have a relationship with Jesus", "Work on having a personal relationship with the Spirit..", etc., and that is a good thing to have - a personal relationship with your Creator. That said, when you look at the many types and qualities of relationships we have with each other and that, the very notion of relationship is an invention of your Creator, it makes sense to conclude that He alone can offer any relationship in its absolute perfection. We have parent to child, sibling to sibling, friend to friend and spouse to spouse and they can all be wonderful but, for a picture of any one of them in perfection, we must look to Him. I am not saying this so we can aspire to "live the impossible dream" by trying to be like God, rather, I believe the accuracy of this observation goes to the fact that He, your God who is "Jealous for you", has constructed this life. It is quite apparent, in my opinion, that all of us are designed with a "factory installed" need to be loved and accepted perfectly. It is also apparent that none of us is capable of accommodating those two needs, perfectly, for another individual, which should lead us to conclude that possessing the perfect love & acceptance - offered by God alone - is the one opportunity we have for peace and rest in this very chaotic world.
   Enter: religion (and I do not mean 'the cavalry'). Specifically, "Conventional Christianity". For brevity, after this, it will be referred to as "the yoke". I have not surveyed all under the yoke but, I believe there is evidence to suggest that very few of its members see there God as anyone like the above described perfect parent, sibling, friend or spouse. There are a lot of questions to be asked regarding that: Why? As in, "Why not?" How? As in, "How did we get here?" Who? As in, "Who made it like this?" or, more to the point, "Who is keeping it like this?" For the why and the how, and even the who, Genesis provides a very good account. But, again for brevity's sake, I will focus on the who of it (also, answering the Who can often give insights to the Why and How of it). But first, for clarity's sake, here's a thumbnail of why I believe God, Himself, is LITERALLY love, Itself, and Jesus is the personification of that love:
   Once before-a time, before there was any time / thing(s) / or place to put them, God was and there was nothing and no one else, not even the angels. Then, before there was even the notion of something other than Himself, He thought about the idea of creating time, space and matter and - most of all - YOU. I say it like that because I believe He has great intention in His decision to create (both then AND now. As in, "then because of now"). Not for the purposes of manipulation, as in Calvinism, but for the intent of having someone who He made, Himself, with all the problems and complications that entails, with the end goal being that of what He lost in the garden - relationship. And the fact He did it this way is the reason your free will is such a big component. Without it, He's simply a tyrant. By it, He is your God by choice - His choice because He made you knowing you could reject Him in spite of this great gift, and yours because you have to want Him to be you're God. The amazing thing though: All the risk is His. And then He stepped it up to the absolute heights of perfect Love by becoming (not only like one of us but) literally, one of us. That God, who was self-sufficient and in need of nothing, proved His love by first creating what -He certainly knew- would require thousands of years of longsuffering and then, at the apex of our religiously inspired rejection of Him, gave His very self for us that we might, finally, drop all the trust in self and institutions, etc. and look at that perfect Love and acceptance and say, "Okay, I trust you Lord. You and you alone. You want me? You have me -  and I don't want anything or any-one else to give me what only you can." He did all that knowing many would never respond like that last sentence. THAT is God. THAT is Jesus. THAT is perfect love. So you see, in His very un-yoke-like plan, Jesus is the "Who" and the "How" and, YOU are the "Why". 

   Okay, we have perfect Love in the form of our God who came to rescue us from ourselves or, the yoke. God treats you like someone He formed, from His heart, with His own hands. The yoke? it tells you that He has no such love for you. Not only that, the yoke tells you that, without the yoke, He will never love or accept you even a little - let alone perfectly. Never fear, however, the yoke is here to "help" you "get right" with Him. Can you see the perversion? Can you see the absolute abuse? God says, "I made you because I love you and I want to be with you forever, my precious child. Trust in Me and Me alone and I will show you the wonders of My loving heart that beats for all who put their trust in Me." The yoke says, "Ya better obey and be the best (insert denomination here_______) you can be or He might not let you into His kingdom or even curse you!" Or, in its more sophisticated variants, "Learn the theological depths of these doctrinal dogmas and fill your mind (ego?) with quotes by intellectuals and you will realize all that God has for you." Or, worse yet, "God cannot be known. He cannot be understood. Follow US and we will show you the way...". 

   Bottom line: Adam walked with God. neither one of them had a religious affiliation (i.e. they weren't "yoked up"). God brought him the animals "to see" what he would name them. God lost that due to a lie, the man believed, which said "Learn this knowledge and BE some-ONE". And now, He is restoring what He had to those who want to KNOW someONE - for sake of being near Him in order to explore (forever) why He went to such great lengths to be with us - for eternity.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Letter to Dennis Prager re: his question, "What saved your hopeless marriage?"

Hello Dennis,

My wife & I were at our end and had, in our hearts, truly given up. Counseling, talking, praying, reading books, everything we could think of...until we both came to this understanding: that our God loves us, He always has and, He always will - even if we fail at every effort to save our marriage. Or anything else for that matter.

Now, before you say, "Or vey! These two wanna sell me unconditional love, that was yesterday for cryin' out loud!", I do admit it's ironic that this applies the day after that show. Although I would say His love & acceptance for people is perfect, not "unconditional". Here's why. I believe that God makes people. It's not us who makes us. (see: Psalm 100 "it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves") So, if that is true, does He make things He hates? And, if He love's who He makes, when does He stop loving them? Or, once we lose this love, what must we do to get it back? What is the criteria, i.e. When do we know we are "good enough" for His love? Who determines these answers? These questions reveal to me that man is subjective while God is perfect so, because of this, He loves even the one who "makes his bed in hell" as the Psalmist wrote.

In Jeremiah there's a prophecy of the new covenant wherein we are told that, He will forgive our iniquities & remember our sins no more. I take that as a thing that happened, literally, at the cross of Christ. Therefore, All are forgiven - the saint who believes, and the unbeliever who goes to hell. I also believe those two states of mind produce very different kinds of 'fruit'. One who really KNOWS He loves Him will be less likely to sin while, one who "knows" He doesn't has nothing to lose - "Eat, drink & be merry, for tomorrow I die."

To shorten this up, it's not a question of, "Does He love unconditionally?" but, what is the love of the eternal God? Is it perfect and, is He the only one who can dispense it? 
The answers we found are, It is perfect, and, He alone has it to offer.

Thank you, Dennis, I hope very much to carry on this conversation with you more.
God bless you & keep up the good work, Mark and Suzette d. in Rancho C.

Monday, May 24, 2010

His love - Enough? It is

In me - is He? - mine eyes - you see?
Mercy - and grace - seek we - His face
All told - none more - giving - our Lord
Came God - to save - all souls - weak, brave

Babe small - some saw - earths' pall - hid awe
Under - His gaze - learning - our ways
Loved He - so much - strong, lame - as such

Young "man" - heart bursts - must fill - His thirsts
Finds twelve - knows one - sells soul - rest shun
Loves still - not "some" - gives all - takes crumb
Road there - blind see - lame walk - scores free

Save us - He would - suffer - our good
Recant - this grant ? - None can - He can't
Your job - just this - receive - His bliss
Precious - His blood - grant me - that flood