Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your World or His Way

Came here "alone", no wits but my own
Don't need no God. Got this fine facade.

Grew up skinned my knees, learned "thank you" and "please"
It's all covered, Lord, elsewhere I'll go toward.

Soon an adult, I don't need no "cult"
Learned well on the street: No vow? then no cheat

So "free" without scorn, no conscience to warn
Man, brandy is good! TV says that I should!

I knew it, I'm right! Shame is good -
hid from sight.

Oh yeah! She said "yes", don't need you to bless
Feet made of clay, so it's "natural" this way

Cruising along, "Free will can't be wrong!"
"Hey wait, who's this kid?, Out of me, came he hid?

Still, what's this pang? This "narking" harangue
Here's what to do, test the word so untrue

Something's awry, something is amiss
The old man must die? to receive your bliss?

Okay, whatever. Home to drink, watch a game
He thinks He's clever, cause He knows my name!?!

Pesky light, GO AWAY! Leave me to advices
Saying "Hey, it's okay, your ways have no prices."

And what of my past? Lord, what can I do?
Such power it has, to keep me from you.

You say that's
his trick? The king of this world,
Guilt making me sick, in a fetal ball curled?

Deny you, I won't. Lies author, be damned!
Let him chant his rant. By your truth, he is slammed

By your grace liberty, awaits one and all
Your blood makes us free. Strong, weak. Big and small.

Lord, thanks for the light. Without it we're lost.
Your way is so bright, for by you, it was Crossed.

The Ways of this World are Worlds from His Way. Choose wisely.