Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank You Airmen, Marines, Soldiers and Sailors

Following is my little Memorial Day 2008 homage to uniformed American personnel, and all who support them, around the world and for all times. If you think it's worth passing on, please do. If not, thanks for reading it anyway. Good night and may God bless the American Fighting Man and his every mission, wherever they may be, throughout this world that would surely be a dark place w/o them.

The uniform, is not the man, Nor pride before him goeth,
Give this day, but once a year, Thanks be to him, let's showeth

They worked, they bled, and died as well, For mates dead, and survivors,
And oft decree, "No 'hero' me", Such humble, wise pearl divers

So when upon, your eyes they fall, Our flag so free of nonsense,
Just wish them well, those selfless few, Sweet Liberty, their recompense

They fought before, they'll fight again, They struggle now to free us,
From our shallow, thankless ways, Without them, would God see us ?

'Tis true that Greater, Love Hath No Man, Than He Who Lays Down His Life,
"For His Friends" I think it goes, Such was done for all of us, Do we honor their strife ?

Try to honor them each day, our Bill of Rights please read 'em,
Sacred is the author of (not abusers of) our freedom

So next time when, the traffic stinks, Promotions' being shredded,
Be grateful tanks don't roll your streets, Nor girls in school beheaded

Thank you Airman, Thank you Private, Thanks Lieutenant Colonel,
I thank you all in uniform, and wish you life eternal


Mark Ducharme May 24th 2008