Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Editorial with rebuttal / re:EJ & CNN

"Gifts, gifts, gifts for killers ! Dillinger would have loved THIS Jordan,
'Rot' hath no God,not this one's soul.He's scared of Colts,
he'll blame the foal.
Ain't 'gwine up to',No pearly gates, Still can't the truth be hear held ?,
On terra firma with consensus sans berates,Rotten, putrid, self hate and such.
One must have a termite smile, To not give in to truth but push & push,(While safely cloaked),for liberties trial.
So happy,with pride rebellious,'Hear me' says he to (our foes) his friends. Applause,applause,colleagues jealous,Like rats they jump when 'it' ends.
Would that they'd make US so lucky,Standing exposed, all colors shown,
What is there to be ashamed of ?Stand up,say your peace now,and be known.
The lie one lives,so burdensome,
Now just be free,freed by the candor,
That you must thirst for and then some,
And drop this so, halfhearted pander.
Say it proudly,beliefs all strong,
Waivering you'll not do more of,
Gaming opinion as ping pong,
Between U S and what you love."

"Right is wrong and left is right,
That is the thing what drive me,
Moral-less relatively speaking,
Your 'good's' my bad,
Truth don't go and jive me.

Finally away, The smoke could clear,
Left before you defenseless,
Eyes blackened with 'flowered' ear,
Your burnished truth beat me senseless.

Let me walk back to the 'slimeset',
Or find my rock, under I'll climb it,
You'll not have 'Eas' to kick around,
For the best left slants, I'm still it."

Friday, February 11, 2005

Mattis v. invertabrates

  • Badass Mattis,
  • Don't believe 'im,
  • Pain's all that is,
  • He's relievin',
  • To do a job,
  • That must be done,
  • Why must they rob,
  • Him of his "fun" ?
  • Want to do this ?
  • No one does,
  • An ugly job his,
  • Embrace him 'cuz,
  • To strap on guns and,
  • Dispense justice,
  • To the taliban,
  • Now turned to dust is,
  • A miracle for,
  • 20 mil. Aghgan,
  • Fearin' OBLs war,
  • Now their votes can,
  • For the way make,
  • Freedom & Peace now,
  • Who would dare take,
  • Such a solemn vow ?
  • For you see 'tis,
  • This thin line green,
  • Gives despite his,
  • Words they think mean,
  • Rights to screamin',
  • And persuin'
  • All those they're reamin'
  • And want to ruin.
  • They say "We're" bad,
  • He says "hup two",
  • Still they make mad,
  • All the ones who,
  • Would kill babies,
  • To "show our evils".
  • Souls full of rabies,
  • Should get a bowlweavels,
  • Brand of respect
  • From our fighters,
  • Who can't, detect,
  • Hearts in these blighters.
  • Mattis & his men,
  • Must live our worst fears,
  • Lest we all again,
  • Live a thousand Dark Age years.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


  • It's ironic that in a country so brave and Free,
    Ones speech is quelled, if it offends the enemy,
    But call your country, "mean" & "fascist",
    Or suggest that one of sadaams "bathists",
    Is really like a "Minuteman",
    Just "savin' his country", the best he can,

  • You'll get applause and honors,
    From those who would be goners,
    If Mattis, that fightin' man,
    Cashed it in, forsook our plan,
    And left "them" to their devices,
    They'd kill their fans, like rats and mices.

  • So General go on,
    You have our blessing,
    Don't mind the peones,
    But for You, they'd be dressing,

  • All kinds of new & exciting,
    Wounds from phobic sows,
    All the while reciting,
    Their "must read" koran vows,

  • As they beg for mercy,
    Best not look up now,
    As Jersey or as Gurnsey,
    They'll have to kneel & kow.

  • To all the brave young men who,
    You lead straight into battle,
    God Bless them, THEY know you,
    I don't here THEM rattle.

It IS so awe inspiring,
They know what is at stake,
So if they like guns firing,
Can't they get just one break ?

  • I know that you don't need me,
    To tell you, hey, don't sweat it,
    I just hope we'll heed thee,
    'Cause now we HAVE TO get it !

eason jordans Greatest Hits(so far...)

  • "Owed" to ej
  • eason jordan,
  • Room and boardin',
  • With the devil,
  • Not the Lord in,
  • Heaven above,
  • He's got no Love,
  • For those who fight,
  • And Preserve the right,
  • Of votes not pain,
  • His network loved,
  • To cloak hussein,
  • From "evil doers"
  • Our taliban screwers,
  • 'Ol eason's mad,
  • he'll kill Your Dad,
  • With lies and slander,
  • Built as pander,
  • To killers of thousands,
  • Now aroused and,
  • Lookin' for U S,
  • They'll bomb a bus,
  • Of 3rd grade Jews,
  • Hey now eason,
  • Do you "Got Clues"?
  • Reporters dead,
  • Is your face red,
  • For no proof shown ?
  • Of how our Men,
  • Target jazheera,
  • A REAL deaths den,
  • Why should they fear a,
  • Reprisal from,
  • A shell-shocked gunny ?
  • Their promo-shuns,
  • Make streets go runny,
  • With blood from his,
  • Well loved brothers,
  • And GROUPS of kids,
  • With mourning Mothers.
  • Safely "inbed",
  • OUR "evil" shown,
  • Cut off a head ?
  • Leave THAT alone !!!
  • Limericks for truth Presents...
  • There once was a "man" named eason,
  • Who with his brethren,
  • Commited treason,
  • They'd obfuscate,
  • And hide their hate,
  • Raping the 1st in every season.

  • Grand spawn of Lizzie B.
  • eason jordan, took some "facts",
  • And gave Israelis 40 wacks,
  • When he saw that this was fun,
  • He gave his country, finger one.

This, is CNN

  • CNN spells, for you doom,
  • If your leader, has a rape room,
  • For press access, buys him silence,
  • Bad George said "axis",but "there's no violence !"
  • You see the story, is the thing,
  • "Don't let a fact, dull 'your truths' ring",
  • We've got a certain, point of view,
  • Dichotomies, should not bug you.
  • Give in, To us you should bow,
  • Before us sans proof,
  • Ask dan rather how,
  • He'll say "just stay aloof".
  • It works each bloody time,
  • So the watchers note,
  • Then say a lame ass line,
  • That some lawyer wrote.
  • He who laughs the last,
  • Laughs the best you know?
  • Now that you are the past,
  • Does it really blow?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A WORD OR 2 ABOUT..... hemoroids...

  • Take this gun, now go kill,
  • And feel real bad about it,
  • So they can run, their movie mill,
  • That says "You're sick!" they SHOUT it.
  • Is it now,
  • That freedom's been had,
  • And lost on those who use it ?
  • Would it really be so bad,
  • To go back in time or choose it ?
  • Do Your job and do it well,
  • They'll Act big,
  • And say it's "hell".
  • Ignoble men, are made you see,
  • When drowning in, a lake called "me".
  • L. Odonell apologize,
  • Write your screeds,
  • And tell your lies.
  • But truth be told,
  • Bad conscience yours,
  • Why not behold ?
  • Acts heroic, and NOT folklores.
  • Men who know the searing pain,
  • Of bleeding flesh, A Brothers pain,
  • Need not say, "I'm sorry" or,
  • "If not for me, there'd be no war".
  • I fear war, and death as well,
  • That is more, reason to tell,
  • Unvarnished truth,
  • From in your shell,
  • It's not uncouth,
  • To praise those who fell.
  • (for all of us, now say it)
  • Thank You, my armed brothers,
  • Sisters guard my child,
  • You die for all US "others",
  • Just don't act too wild!
  • Be civil, be "humane",
  • And don't ever forget,
  • If Your killers are seen slain,
  • The MSM's Your biggest threat.
  • Thanks for understanding,
  • There's something more than You,
  • And still bear, all those demanding,
  • "Don't be happy, nor to Your cause be true".
  • It's fighting men THEY HATE, YOU, see ?
  • Those "Main Stream Media",
  • And don't forget the D.N.C.,
  • Who smile when "they" defeat ya.
  • Don't know how You do it,
  • Keeping Your perspective,
  • I'd prob'ly just say "Screw it !",
  • And let loose with invective.
  • Can't they see who's blood was spilled,
  • Less ALL the attribution,
  • Given scribes, so self fullfilled,
  • With their negative contribution ?
  • Thank You doer's,
  • Men of Action ALL.
  • Now to the booer's,
  • Who should STAND so tall,
  • I'll ask you just one
  • More time, "Now stop!"
  • Saying, "killing's not 'fun'."
  • To the ones who drop,
  • From bombs and bullets too,
  • That are meant for me & you.
  • Oh ingraditude !
  • Why can't you see ?
  • It's Men with Guns, that keeps us Free!
  • Ideals are fun, but you'd just pee,
  • Starin' down, ol' zarkouwi.
  • Take all college proffs,
  • Add congressional traitors,
  • Media elites, with show biz scoffs,
  • And all the rest of you haters,
  • One tiny cell,
  • I would not trade for,
  • (From one shining example of,
  • Our Best & Brightest who fight for)
  • Every single ungrateful dove.