Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Editorial with rebuttal / re:EJ & CNN

"Gifts, gifts, gifts for killers ! Dillinger would have loved THIS Jordan,
'Rot' hath no God,not this one's soul.He's scared of Colts,
he'll blame the foal.
Ain't 'gwine up to',No pearly gates, Still can't the truth be hear held ?,
On terra firma with consensus sans berates,Rotten, putrid, self hate and such.
One must have a termite smile, To not give in to truth but push & push,(While safely cloaked),for liberties trial.
So happy,with pride rebellious,'Hear me' says he to (our foes) his friends. Applause,applause,colleagues jealous,Like rats they jump when 'it' ends.
Would that they'd make US so lucky,Standing exposed, all colors shown,
What is there to be ashamed of ?Stand up,say your peace now,and be known.
The lie one lives,so burdensome,
Now just be free,freed by the candor,
That you must thirst for and then some,
And drop this so, halfhearted pander.
Say it proudly,beliefs all strong,
Waivering you'll not do more of,
Gaming opinion as ping pong,
Between U S and what you love."

"Right is wrong and left is right,
That is the thing what drive me,
Moral-less relatively speaking,
Your 'good's' my bad,
Truth don't go and jive me.

Finally away, The smoke could clear,
Left before you defenseless,
Eyes blackened with 'flowered' ear,
Your burnished truth beat me senseless.

Let me walk back to the 'slimeset',
Or find my rock, under I'll climb it,
You'll not have 'Eas' to kick around,
For the best left slants, I'm still it."

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