Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The 14 Days of TERRI

On the 1st day of Terri, Florida did say, "Don't bug us on our vacation day".
On the 2nd day of Terri, "black leaders"(eccept Jesse) rant and rave, "Down with acts for blacks that once did save !".
On the 3rd day of Terri, the lines were clearly drawn, On the right side you LIVE, the left your gone...
On the 4th day of Terri, and now it can be told, Don't warehouse them, let's just starve the old,
On the 5th day of Terri, To Barney Franks dismay, Now marriage means he too'll be killed one day,
On the 6th day of Terri, a former nurse exposed,In Florida, the infirm do get hosed,-(rubber that is)
On the 7th day of Terri,where are the ladies N.O.W.?, On life issues they barely make a sou...,
On the 8th day of Terri, it must be plain to see, Stalin had great humanity ,
On the 9th day of Terri, here's the lesson our youth learns, "convenience rules, 'weed' the helpless like some ferns ",
On the 10th day of Terri, a killer judge decreed, "The disabled we certainly won't feed",
On the 11th day of Terri, Terri's husband said, "Thank goodness, soon she will be dead !",
On the 12th day of Terri, a new judge gave us hope, that Terri might get a lifeline rope,
On the 13th day of Terri, that same judge wrote a screed, "Don't forget who's God,this girl I will not feed".

On the 14th day of Terri, ...she died from almost indescribeable suffering, er um "euphoria", through dehydration that led to the slow, eventual failure of her kidneys and other major internal organs with her heart finally giving out if it hasn't already broken from the utter abandonement of her by her fellow human beings that could have/should have, saved her.All while her estranged husband blocked a visit from her immediate family so that she could not hear and feel the embrace of someone who loved her as she died.
God damn them.


Bernard said...

The true and final fate of Terri may be found here:

Sarah Katherine said...

I really liked that post! Can I put that poem on my blog? Want to read what I wrote about Terri?