Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The "President, Joe Barack America" Caption Contest

I know I put alot of captions myself, but they are very wierd and you're not reading this anyway. Add to it anyway, and I'll post the winners next week.
"Yo-yo-yo! Barry my brother, what it be like, my MAN!?"

"You know, you're not the 'clean, bright, articulate, African-American' I thought I knew Barry."

Unfortunately, the DNCs' idea of using "Mood Podiums" only resulted in Sen. Biden openly weeping, while Sen. Obama flew into a rage and beheaded Dennis Kucinch.

(Obama) "Who just cast their eyes upon me !?! Tell me or you will all burn for it!"

"Exc...excu...EXCUSE ME Senator Biden, but I still haven't finished my waffle! Do you mind?!"

"Yes sir! Yes, the lowly Senator from little Delaware knows his place Lord. I'll go wait by the phone for your blessing."

(D.Letterman) "And the #1 reason Obama is the Dems candidate for POTUS is: He can deliver the prized, 'I hate my country' vote!"

(say) Buh-Bye 2 Obama/Biden in '08

"Gosh Barry, you're so 'clean', I MEAN, 'bright', I MEAN, 'nice-looking', I MEAN, 'articulate', I MEAN, awwww screw it! I can't do nothin' right! Even when I'm standing next to the black guy!.......I'll be in the broom closet if anyone wants me..."

"Hey Barry! Say, Hillary said you could hook me up with a quality slumlord. Can ya help a Senator out ?"

"Hey bro, can a brother bum a smoke?"

"Yeah, I know, I hate her too man...What? The mic is what?"

"Hey look, we match our podiums! Alright! This is gonna be so neat, Huh Mr. Biden !?!"

"Yes Senator, I have noticed that I'm black. Now, could you not address me directly ever again please ?