Monday, May 24, 2010

His love - Enough? It is

In me - is He? - mine eyes - you see?
Mercy - and grace - seek we - His face
All told - none more - giving - our Lord
Came God - to save - all souls - weak, brave

Babe small - some saw - earths' pall - hid awe
Under - His gaze - learning - our ways
Loved He - so much - strong, lame - as such

Young "man" - heart bursts - must fill - His thirsts
Finds twelve - knows one - sells soul - rest shun
Loves still - not "some" - gives all - takes crumb
Road there - blind see - lame walk - scores free

Save us - He would - suffer - our good
Recant - this grant ? - None can - He can't
Your job - just this - receive - His bliss
Precious - His blood - grant me - that flood

Saturday, May 22, 2010

When the going gets tough, it's Him, we needs knowing

"Doneday" was a good one - had my jobs and got 'em did
"Bluesday" thieves had their fun - took my blower and hid

"Amendsday" - we praise Him, and thank Him for His grace
"Reverse-day" had some vim - but soon back on my face

"Sigh-day", now repenting - For anger of lost gear
Just until lamenting, more theft from my trucks' rear

That's the way it is folks - There's danger living life!!
Moth and rust: spoil our hoax - In Jesus there's no strife!

Anyway, 4 C-notes, fell on me - like manna(s)
Jesus gets all my votes - (+ him who hates bananas)

Truly, that past blessing - From Tempke's ministry
Stopped this fool from stressing - God, from you, why'd I flee?

Thanks, Mike, for this blower - And trimmer soon possessed
Should you need a mower - You've got TWO! Do you jest?!

Just a joke I'm teasing, all I have is yours
If it's not displeasing - take my bills and chores

That's my tale, no waiver - nor "splaining" will you hear
But for just one favor - Rent free? Your house? A year?