Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New "American" Lexicon

Can't post at my TH blog right now so here goes...

annals -recorded history of butt savagery
bipartisanship -the current annals of the GOP
community -something that "raises" stuff(see also: village)
despot -one who razes stuff (see also:POTUS elect) eg;"Standby y'all while I razes the economy!"
election - selection with hidden s stacked in front of it / eg; "OH MAN! I just stepped in some election s!"
front - what one sees while a despot offers his back for kissing / eg; "Wow! Mr. Obama is right in front of me....HEY! Where's my wallet!"
gone - current state of Americas' future
hubris - permanent state of Americas' POTUS elect
intelligence - formerly a goal of US national security/school children eg; "I don't play w/ Saul, he's got intelligence. Let's blow-up his car."
jamboree - BO(before Obama)a wholesome activity of the Boy Scouts of America / AA(after Awakening) a wholesome activity wherein a large group of "community despots" attempt to "awaken" an elderly lady.
klan - eg; The Kennedy family / see also: the CBC
Lear Jet - what liberals fly to meetings about the evils of carbon dioxide
Man, a - that which is to remain tutored, neutered and toally de-shootered