Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To Strike or Not to Strike, Iran is the Question

Would you support a preemptive strike on Iran?
Would I ever ! Which button do I push ?
No, but a "surgical" strike on that Mamoud creep wouldn't hurt my feelings.
Yes, but only if we promise to stop the bombing after 444 days.
No, And why haven't we caught that Rushdie guy yet?
Yes, as long as Bush rides the first bomb into downtown Tehran srceaming,"YEE-HAH !"
Only the parts that already glow.
Yes, if only to give Mrs. Clinton a chance to be against a war from the start.
As long as it's done Democratically, ie: We drop 1 bomb, they blow up 1 mall, etc.
What's your problem man!?! I mean Israel has nukes, so why don't we attack them man!?!
Maybe, but first we gotta take out that cancerous cell at Columbia U. free polls

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lowell George and Little Feat - Willin'

beautiful, just beautiful. sing along everyone

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Memo to My Son (Marcus)

Just a few stills of my son from his youth.(the 4 month project)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Move America Forward People !

Important news! Help spread the word by passing this along to 2 friends or post to a blog or message board, please.


10,000+ To Take to Streets
Supporting Missions of Troops in Iraq


(SACRAMENTO) – With General David Petraeus set to report to Congress by September 15th on the progress of “the surge” of U.S. troops in Iraq, supporters of Operation Iraqi Freedom are preparing to launch a massive public effort to show support for the missions of U.S. troops in Iraq.

From September 3, 2007 through September 15, 2007 the nation’s largest grassroots, pro-troop organization, Move America Forward (website: will lead more than 10,000 supporters in a cross-country caravan called the “FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR.” The caravan will stop for more than 25 pro-troop rallies along the way. Thousands of Americans have already signed up to join the tour in just the first few days since it was announced online.

"We need to convey to our troops and the world in general that America doesn't lose. We don't turn our backs on our courageous men and women in uniform and we don't walk away from the Iraqi people who desperately seek democracy and freedom," said Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.) who serves as Vice Chairman of Move America Forward.

"The Fight for Victory Tour is absolutely essential to demonstrate our support of our troops and to send a clear signal to the anti-military folks in this nation that we will not let them bring about an American defeat in Iraq or the greater war on terror. Victory is the only option and we're not backing down from the fight at hand," Colonel Patterson said.

The caravan will be led by veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom, along with Gold Star Families (who lost a loved one in Iraq) and Blue Star Families (who have a loved one serving in Iraq).

“We’re going to send a message of support for our troops that will be heard from the shores of the Pacific Ocean all the way across this country to the Atlantic Coast – we support our troops and their missions and we won’t let anyone force them to surrender to the jihadists,” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

The current schedule for the caravan includes pro-troop rally stops in more than 2 DOZEN cities across America including:

* Carson City, NV
* Sacramento, CA
* San Francisco, CA
* Modesto, CA
* Fresno, CA
* Los Angeles, CA
* San Diego, CA
* Yuma, AZ
* Phoenix, AZ
* Tucson, AZ
* Las Cruces, NM
* El Paso, TX
* San Antonio, TX
* Waco, TX
* Crawford, TX
* Dallas, TX
* Oklahoma City, OK
* Wichita, KS
* Kansas City, MO
* Des Moines, IA
* Cedar Rapids, IA
* Chicago, IL
* Indianapolis, IN
* Cincinnati, OH
* Columbus, OH
* Pittsburgh, PA
* Washington D.C.

More details can be found about the upcoming “Fight for Victory Tour” at:

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Death to Molesters - Death to the Left,their partners in crime

The following is my response to this column by Linda Chavez on

2spothipshot writes:

Poor disillusioned Miss Chavez
Tsk tsk,can't you see where all these "wonderful breakthroughs" into a more enlightened society are bringing us ?

Look, the left enables and virtually legalizes child porn (here in Mexifornia,a most wise and wonderful lawmaker,Gil Sedio I think his name is,has seen to it that anything under 100 "pieces" of child porn is legal! Hooray for hell on Earth!). They are also working towards the day when one can manufacture ones own human being for "spare parts" ala the Mike J. Fox crusades. You see where they're going now ?

If the "privacy" protections imbeded in constitutional panundrums,or whatever the frick they call 'em, preclude a babys' right not to be torn apart,limb from bloody limb in the womb for the sake of his or her mothers convinience, how far can we be from the day when these freaks, who should be poleaxed in the public square, are spending taxpayer funds to create their own spawn to serve them ?

I can't help but wonder if the inertia of our current trend towards all things hell-fireish, hasn't already past the point of no return.If so, the sooner we ARE all dust in the wind the better. It hurts too much to watch my country grow as a blight on His creation.

Now, before you think I'm howling at the moon, just take a look around you. Yes,on the one hand there is industry on parade -convinience of living by all,the likes of which has never been known- and virtual miracles out of nowhere -the American Fighting Man and the virtue he spreads. But still,as Dennis Prager reminded me the other day,the questions of my childhood remain torturously unsolved. Not the least of which being: Why does not the wall, between the innocents and hell, exist unbreakable ?

Sorry to sound like a man overboard but it sometimes serves to say what's on my mind.

Carry on all you wayward souls, and when you get a chance,say a prayer for our children. God help them,not enough is being done to keep the very evil in our midst,away from their trusting,deserving of their Fathers love,innocent little souls.

Oh Joe McCarthy: Where Art Thou !?!

The following is my response to this column by Jeff Emanuel

Only when we are ready,as a nation, to actually defeat these seditionists in our midst, will the war on islamo-nazi-terrorism finally turn in favor of the side of good.

Kieth Olberman and the cowards who act as he talks, have the blood of Americans on their hands for their acts of sedition. There is no equivalent to these traitors in any successful American war effort that weren't immediately silenced and until we have the courage to do so,the side of good and liberty will continue to lose ground in this fight for decency and civilization.

Fellow patriots,I bid you,shame these haters of God given freedom that seek to bow before the vary evil that seeks to crush us with a hearty "FU! We will do what we must to defend the innocent and the good from the killers of liberty. And that includes identifying you for the ravenous traitors that you are!"

Go to hell leftists.Lovers of freedom everywhere grow weary of your destructive lies designed to break the will of good people.

If there truly is no threat and George Bush is the enemy, please just go and make a pilgrimage to the poor misunderstood "freedom fighters",as the host of "Softball" and Cindy Shehates has described them,and make them understand that the American people are on their side as you are want to claim constantly and let us know how that goes for you.

Everyone of common sense knows,unlike these same folks who demanded disarmement in the face of the Soviets,that there is only one side that needs to stop their aggression to make this all end - and it aint us.

You liars! You should be forced to face the results of your hateful anti-freedom speak.It,those results, are the constant suffering of victims like the 100 or so who died today at the hands of them that seek to affect the victory of your sick sentiments.

I suspect you would be driven insane if that reality were to penetrate your hateful brains.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why do they hate? I don't get ANYTHING about libs

This is my response to this article by Kevin McCullough

Liberals hate ALL things virtuous

Liberating millions from communism in Vietnam/totalitarianism in middle east in the liberal mind = "Warmongerers Nixon and Bush use their hired 'baby killers',the American Fighting Man, to 'force' freedom on poor innocents of other countries."

Walmart provides millions of jobs and saves the working family billions so obviously they are target #1 for the left right now.

Judaeo Christian ethic demands that the molesters of the most innocent among us be punished appropriately. The lefts answer to this horror that destroys more lives than any other activity in America today ? Ironically enough,it's the same as the worst of what the Catholics,whom they never miss a chance to rip, chose to do.Move the burden of their disgusting existence to another unsuspecting community/mass of helpless children.(All libs should join the Catholic church,an embarassment on His creation,or the Catholic church should once and for all,openly and officially,embrace the "ethics" of liberalism.Clarity above agreement,that is what's best.)

Human life is sacred and a gift from our creator. To the left,life is something that they,and they alone,may judge the value of and keep or discard it accordingly.

Christians stumble along imperfectly through this imperfect world, but still manage to accomplish many great works of compassion and constantly evolve towards a closer image of what He wanted for us. Simultaneously,a radical branch of Islam,the most visible face of Islam,exists only to murder and create terror and misery in the hearts of the innocent with acts of depravity so perverse that it convinces even the most sceptical that satan himself must be working to cause such horror.Liberal conclusion re the above ? They misrepresent "The Crusades" of ancient times, while still managing to do a mental gymnastics,twisting,(knife in the back)flip to explain that it is simply current American foriegn policy that makes the killers do the things they've been doing for time in memorial.

Do you see now, why christians like for a holyman to bless them,their possessions,their modes of transpotation,their productive endeavors,the bounty at their table etc.? With all of the libs condemning those same things,it only seems natural to want to counter that angry condemnation.

Knowing all of the above,is it any wonder when a christian sometimes "gos off" on a particularly nasty liberal ?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sandy Burgers' #1 Hit with a Bullet

My entry in the Bennett/Burglar song contest

"Do You Want to Snatch a Sercet ?" (to tune of the Beatles,"Do You Want to Know a Secret?")Sandy Burglar & the Clintettes

You'll never know how much he really screwed you
You'll never know 'cause State just doesn't care

(He sure did)
He was doing more than peakin'
(Grabbed 'em like a squid)
Now he's selling a bum steer
Oh-oo NO-o

They would kill to see it shine
(They're cree-py)
I would love to hear them whi----ine
"Let us out of jail !"
(wawa wa waaa wa)

Law folks have known it for a long,long time
Nobody cares in Bushs' gov.

Safe now
(Clinton klan)
They will never face real justice
(Bennett can)
Make a plan to give them hell
He won't whoa - no

Turn up
(Your boom box)
Hear his fans sing so sincere
(Bout his socks)
Hear some rock 'n roll good jeers
We won't take no more

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jamil, Huggy - Huggy, Jamil

Amazing Simhillarities:"J.Hussein" & Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear regailed his friends with tales of delighting six "flaming ho's"-Jamil Hussein brags about his countrymen igniting six "flaming Mo's"

Jamil Husseins' son has a toy named "Huggybear" - Huggy Bear had a kid,with his main ho, who he named Jamil

Jamil Husseins' middle name is Lincoln - Huggy Bear drives his hos around in a big ol' Lincoln

Huggy Bear invented "Twister" - J. Hussein invents "facts" that are twisted

Huggy Bear said,"What it is ?" - J.Hussein says, "Nevermind what it is,just keep typing."

Huggy Bear talked in a strange dialect that only his cohorts verstained - Jamil Hussein talks in a way that no one but the AP can even here

Huggy Bear was very flamboyant in his style of dress - Jamil Hussein is so flamboyant,you might say he wears no clothes at all

Huggy Bear had a fifty-cent piece with a Kennedy on it - Jamil Hussein has a fifty senator fan club and Ted Kennedy is the President

For the right price,Huggy Bear would tell you anything - Jamil Hussein will tell the AP anything...priceless

Huggy Bear had lots of shiny bling - Jamil Hussein will probably get the AP lots of shiny awards (the truth be damned)

Huggy Bear could not save "Starsky and Hutch" from cancellation - Jamil Hussein hopes to facillitate victories cancellation Huggy Bear had every ho on speed dial - Jamil Hussein has the whores down at APHQ on a one way non-stop feed

Huggy Bear had nice chrome rims on his pimpmobile - There are more American blood stains on Hummer rims,tires,bumpers,hoods,seats,windshields,dashboards,underbodies etc. because the whores at the AP would rather suck the chrome off of Sadaams limo even now,rather than give the side of right an even break

Huggy Bear reported "inside info" to Starsky and Hutch - The AP "reports" actually,not much(in the way of facts),from mystery informant JH

Huggy Bear stuck a feather in his hat - The c-suckers down at AP headquarters apparently have their ostrich heads rammed up their own cornholes

Huggy Bear new how to play both sides of the law - J. Hussein is any and all sides of the law

Huggy Bear was the made up character of a p*mp (one of the lowest forms of life known to man-that's why they used "poopdog" in the movie version), designed to seem like an actual human being, not deserving of humanities scorn - J. Hussein is a made up character of an informant delivering "facts" to the AP so as to portray a noble effort by honorable men as something deserving of humanities scorn,derision,hate and ever more numbers of exploding human beings on commuter buses and in crowds of people seeking gainful employment.

F-you ap, may Gods Justice find you soon

p.s. If you saw this post at "Ace of Spades HQ" ,yes,I am "Custers steed"

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The West is Best - Death to islamo-fascism

Following this post will be a complete listing of the diseases cured,the great inventions invented and the foriegn(to them) calamities soothed by the followers of this great "religion to pieces (oops),of peace".

There are many wonderful muslims in the world.They are in Iraq helping our American Fighting Man help them,and there are some (one? two?)like the former Palestinian terrorist we see on Fox and in the documentary "Obsession",Walid Shoebat, who are trying to get the word out to us about the evil nature of Islamo-fascism.In other words: The best Muslims are the ones who embrace the west,ie:Judaeo-Christian virtues of respect for life and others' differences, as Mr. McCullough points out above.

Now,as for great accomplishments in Muslim history? Let's see....hmmm....OH YEAH! They live on a bunch of oil !!!...and,and...THEY INVENTED ZERO! Gee,that's kind of ironic. The people who brought us the concept of zero are also the people who seek to "win" battles (and the eventual war they hope to bring about) by insuring that ZERO people are left alive when it's over.Thus, the murder-bomber is the most significant contribution they have made to un-civilization in a thousand years.

One might call that a minus.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A candid interview with Randolph Scott

An interview with Randolph Scott

Writer of Useless, Sap-Sucking, Yelowness : Mr. Scott, why did you seek to have this interview ?

R.S: Well young man, it is becoming more and more apparent to those of us who've passed into the great beyond, that America has lost her way. That she has lost her once undeniable greatness and moral virtue, and I was selected to deliver a message of grave importance to all. Pun not necessarily unintended.

W.U.S.S.Y. : I see. At least I think so, that last sentence was a humdinger.

RS: Yes it was. Now let me speak more frankly. America, it is time for you to get your s**t together...

W.U.S.S.Y. :Mr. Scott !!!

RS: Don't you "Mr. Scott !!!" me boy! Do you have any idea what it looks like down here to those of us up there ? Well let me tell you somethin',it aint good ! Jerry Springer, Brittney Spears, a tv program called "Wife Swap", the word gay is a euphemism for...for...well,somethin' we never used to talk about in polite company. And what about your schools ? A kid can get kicked out for drawing a picture of a gun and arrested for "sex harrassment" if he hugs a girl !
The whole place has gone crazy! Sayin' "Merry Christmas" now will get you similar scrutiny to joinin' the communist party in 1950. Speakin' english in a resturaunt will get you the "Hot spittle hot plate special" in L.A. and kicked off a school bus in Dimmasota. Folks,you are blowin' it and I am here to deliver a much needed wake up call.

W.U.S.S.Y. : Well, I don't think you can hardly reference a couple of...

RS: And what about Minni, or is that Mickey Mouse, sota anyway? I mean. it's bad enough that the symbol formerly known as Prince and McGovern both come from there, but now they feel compelled to elect not only a muslim to congress, but a damm militant one at that! I thought California would've screwed that pooch loooong before any midwestern state would. That is,if'n I ever coulda imagined such a thing happenin' in the first place! No! No! This can not stand! This must not stand! It won't!

W.U.S.S.Y. : Mr. Scott,if I could just have a conversation with you,I'm sure that we can come to some kind of understanding.

RS: OK, as long as it's you who's doin' the understandin'.

W.U.S.S.Y. : Fine. Now,can you tell me what it is that you hope to accomplish with this...return.

RS: Oh don't getch yer shorts in a bunch kid,this aint the second comin' or nothin'. That's way off still. I'm just here to get the word out that the Man is POed and I mean royally! Truth be told,this was a volunteer mission. When the "Old Man" loses His cool...well, let's just say,when the opportunity came a knockin', I didn't hesitate to book it on outta there.

W.U.S.S.Y. : "Book it" huh? That's from a vernacular I wouldn't have associated with you.

RS: Oh yeah ( looking sheepish), we still get "Mystery Science Theater 3000" up there and they always go to the '70s era stuff for there boomer fans.Man that show's funny. Did you see the one where the guy,or maybe it was the robot who said...

W.U.S.S.Y. : Mr. Scott, can we get down to bus...

RS: No no, this was funny. There was this asteroid cluster see? And they're all chunky and clustery. Anyway, one of 'em says,"Honey Bunches of Death!"(laughs) Get it? It's a cluster of asteroids and he says...Ah nevermind. You look like the type what agrees with kickin' little kids off school buses for not bein' able ta "spreckin zee Spanish" or ruining a perfectly good word like gay...

W.U.S.S.Y. : Mr. Scott, can we please...?

RS: OK,OK, you don't have to nag me about it! Hey, your not one of those...

W.U.S.S.Y. : Your mission Mr. Scott! The reason you came here. Please!

RS: Well, yes, as I was sayin', America is playin' Russian roulette with a full load in almost every chamber and it's just gotta stop. Seein' as how you all got fat dumb and crazy from livin' in the lap of unearned luxury, you might think that we'd get the same way, but in heaven, there's such a thing as clarity, ya know what I mean? It doesn't hurt that we're all in the direct line of fire of the source of all consciousness and common sense I'll admit, but folks, how many times do you have to ram yourself in the face with a red hot brandin' iron before you catch on that it aint such a good idea?

W.U.S.S.Y. : As in?

RS: OK,for instance,on September 11th 2001, a bunch of hate filled,racist,woman hating,child abusing,would love to personally behead every "gay" on the planet themselves (say,what is the equivalent of masoginy when it's yer own sex anyway?) killers, realize there dream of meeting up with ol' "Muhammed Ali Acksenfree" himself,on the orders of a leader of many more of these same kinds of animals, and 5+ years later the country can hardly muster a collective yawn in the general direction of the center of the war on that scum. And just as a side note,I live in heaven. I work in heaven.Heaven is my home, and brother, there aint no murder bombers in heaven.

W.U.S.S.Y. : And how do you, a "B" movie star, expect to assuage the current mood of discontent with the so called "war on terror"?

RS: "B" movie star huh? Man, our agent Rush is right,you guys really don't know how to be happy. Your side did win last November, right? You're correct on the nomenclature point though. It's a war on islamo-nazi fanatics,not a "war on terror". Although I'm fearin' that you think it's neither.
As for what I'm gonna do,I'm doin' it. You are getting a direct message from on high to straighten up and act like you love this gift of life at least half as much as your Creator, who gave it to you, loves you.
You've fallen.That's fine,He as much as expected that.You are forgiven. His blood is proof of that. But now, now folks,is the time for honoring His glory. He is not without a sense of humor but you are running a series of tests that would try the patience of any loving Creator. And seeing as how He is 1) The only Creator and 2) Not the one that requires testing, I am simply trying to afford you the opportunity to repent and save yourselves, or at least make a showing of a will to survive that is greater than the bastiges who will surely -as evidenced by 3000 dead on that sunny Tueday morn- gut,shoot,slit,nuke and otherwise destroy you.
Do ya get me?

W.U.S.S.Y. : What? Oh I'm sorry, I just had to get a listen on this bitchin' new tune by the "Insane Clown Possie" on my "I-pod". Can we do this some other time?

The New York Times
World to End Nigh!
Immediately Following Randy Scott film fest

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Vote for Rudy is a Vote for a Cutie

Rudy G,He's my man,...
If he can't win it,Who cares who can !?

It's Rudy G.,I just can't wait,2 the Capitol,In 2008

But seriously, a known commodity is much better than an unknown, unknownity,and that is what makes Rudy,Rudy,He's the guy,I know he'll make it,If he'll just try, the man for the job.

Romney.The people who say he got elected in a liberal state (like that is something to be highlighted on the ol' conservative resume and whatnot)are basically out to lunch.He IS the proverbial,"Beautifully packaged presentation of the guy ya want right now" candidate they all thought Reagan really was but were wrong about. And who was it Reagan said he was gonna be just like? Oh that's right,originals don't do that.(thinking...thinking...)Uh, no.

John "I'll Open a Vain Before I vote for" McCain.Now there's a known inanity.Well actually,he's rather nane,isn't he? But in all of the most annoying ways.Fer instance:America needs more of the originalists, that President Bush has nominated,making it onto various benchi around this here country.In rides "McCain the nane",blank guns a blazin',to save the nation from decisive action and other "petty partisanship" that we're all so sick up and fed with seein' our elected officials kerryin on about as if principles was what they got put in office to uphold in the first sumpthin'.Throw in a dash(er,slashing of the 1st) of McCain/Feingold,add a (whopping) pinch of McCain/Kennedy and ya gots yerself a big ol' ace gunslinger what just shot off the part of his boot that keeps him from fallin' on his face. Uuuuuuuuuuh, Uh uh.That leaves Rudy,Rudy,He's the one,Kills terrorist too,Just hide yer gun.Seriously though,I like the guy.There's no ambiguity and he's right, as well as the most forceful,on THE defining issue of our time.Also,being a Christian,I will be praying for God to change his heart regarding the unborn.The difference between him and Romney on that one is,Rudy would be much more believeable if he did switch.AND,I don't get the vibe that he would discount, out of hand,a potential candidate for the SCOTUS because he or she is an originalist.I mean seriously,do you really think that John "Hey dems,who do YOU think I should nominate?" McCain is going to offer up the likes of Janice Rogers Brown to the SCOTUS? Not on your life.Rudys #1 thing is national security so he's not going to be looking for people who agitate for the "al kkkeda bill of rights" as we already know one J.McCain has personally authored,which led to INSANITY like terrorists being given all the priviledges of the real Bill of Rights,including ones that even our own American Fighting Man doesn't have access to.

There is only one way to go,and that is Rudy,Rudy,Rudy,Rudy!!! Do your duty Judy,and vote for Rudy.He's red white and bluedy.