Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oh Joe McCarthy: Where Art Thou !?!

The following is my response to this column by Jeff Emanuel

Only when we are ready,as a nation, to actually defeat these seditionists in our midst, will the war on islamo-nazi-terrorism finally turn in favor of the side of good.

Kieth Olberman and the cowards who act as he talks, have the blood of Americans on their hands for their acts of sedition. There is no equivalent to these traitors in any successful American war effort that weren't immediately silenced and until we have the courage to do so,the side of good and liberty will continue to lose ground in this fight for decency and civilization.

Fellow patriots,I bid you,shame these haters of God given freedom that seek to bow before the vary evil that seeks to crush us with a hearty "FU! We will do what we must to defend the innocent and the good from the killers of liberty. And that includes identifying you for the ravenous traitors that you are!"

Go to hell leftists.Lovers of freedom everywhere grow weary of your destructive lies designed to break the will of good people.

If there truly is no threat and George Bush is the enemy, please just go and make a pilgrimage to the poor misunderstood "freedom fighters",as the host of "Softball" and Cindy Shehates has described them,and make them understand that the American people are on their side as you are want to claim constantly and let us know how that goes for you.

Everyone of common sense knows,unlike these same folks who demanded disarmement in the face of the Soviets,that there is only one side that needs to stop their aggression to make this all end - and it aint us.

You liars! You should be forced to face the results of your hateful anti-freedom speak.It,those results, are the constant suffering of victims like the 100 or so who died today at the hands of them that seek to affect the victory of your sick sentiments.

I suspect you would be driven insane if that reality were to penetrate your hateful brains.

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