Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why do they hate? I don't get ANYTHING about libs

This is my response to this article by Kevin McCullough

Liberals hate ALL things virtuous

Liberating millions from communism in Vietnam/totalitarianism in middle east in the liberal mind = "Warmongerers Nixon and Bush use their hired 'baby killers',the American Fighting Man, to 'force' freedom on poor innocents of other countries."

Walmart provides millions of jobs and saves the working family billions so obviously they are target #1 for the left right now.

Judaeo Christian ethic demands that the molesters of the most innocent among us be punished appropriately. The lefts answer to this horror that destroys more lives than any other activity in America today ? Ironically enough,it's the same as the worst of what the Catholics,whom they never miss a chance to rip, chose to do.Move the burden of their disgusting existence to another unsuspecting community/mass of helpless children.(All libs should join the Catholic church,an embarassment on His creation,or the Catholic church should once and for all,openly and officially,embrace the "ethics" of liberalism.Clarity above agreement,that is what's best.)

Human life is sacred and a gift from our creator. To the left,life is something that they,and they alone,may judge the value of and keep or discard it accordingly.

Christians stumble along imperfectly through this imperfect world, but still manage to accomplish many great works of compassion and constantly evolve towards a closer image of what He wanted for us. Simultaneously,a radical branch of Islam,the most visible face of Islam,exists only to murder and create terror and misery in the hearts of the innocent with acts of depravity so perverse that it convinces even the most sceptical that satan himself must be working to cause such horror.Liberal conclusion re the above ? They misrepresent "The Crusades" of ancient times, while still managing to do a mental gymnastics,twisting,(knife in the back)flip to explain that it is simply current American foriegn policy that makes the killers do the things they've been doing for time in memorial.

Do you see now, why christians like for a holyman to bless them,their possessions,their modes of transpotation,their productive endeavors,the bounty at their table etc.? With all of the libs condemning those same things,it only seems natural to want to counter that angry condemnation.

Knowing all of the above,is it any wonder when a christian sometimes "gos off" on a particularly nasty liberal ?

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