Sunday, January 21, 2007

The West is Best - Death to islamo-fascism

Following this post will be a complete listing of the diseases cured,the great inventions invented and the foriegn(to them) calamities soothed by the followers of this great "religion to pieces (oops),of peace".

There are many wonderful muslims in the world.They are in Iraq helping our American Fighting Man help them,and there are some (one? two?)like the former Palestinian terrorist we see on Fox and in the documentary "Obsession",Walid Shoebat, who are trying to get the word out to us about the evil nature of Islamo-fascism.In other words: The best Muslims are the ones who embrace the west,ie:Judaeo-Christian virtues of respect for life and others' differences, as Mr. McCullough points out above.

Now,as for great accomplishments in Muslim history? Let's see....hmmm....OH YEAH! They live on a bunch of oil !!!...and,and...THEY INVENTED ZERO! Gee,that's kind of ironic. The people who brought us the concept of zero are also the people who seek to "win" battles (and the eventual war they hope to bring about) by insuring that ZERO people are left alive when it's over.Thus, the murder-bomber is the most significant contribution they have made to un-civilization in a thousand years.

One might call that a minus.

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