Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jamil, Huggy - Huggy, Jamil

Amazing Simhillarities:"J.Hussein" & Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear regailed his friends with tales of delighting six "flaming ho's"-Jamil Hussein brags about his countrymen igniting six "flaming Mo's"

Jamil Husseins' son has a toy named "Huggybear" - Huggy Bear had a kid,with his main ho, who he named Jamil

Jamil Husseins' middle name is Lincoln - Huggy Bear drives his hos around in a big ol' Lincoln

Huggy Bear invented "Twister" - J. Hussein invents "facts" that are twisted

Huggy Bear said,"What it is ?" - J.Hussein says, "Nevermind what it is,just keep typing."

Huggy Bear talked in a strange dialect that only his cohorts verstained - Jamil Hussein talks in a way that no one but the AP can even here

Huggy Bear was very flamboyant in his style of dress - Jamil Hussein is so flamboyant,you might say he wears no clothes at all

Huggy Bear had a fifty-cent piece with a Kennedy on it - Jamil Hussein has a fifty senator fan club and Ted Kennedy is the President

For the right price,Huggy Bear would tell you anything - Jamil Hussein will tell the AP anything...priceless

Huggy Bear had lots of shiny bling - Jamil Hussein will probably get the AP lots of shiny awards (the truth be damned)

Huggy Bear could not save "Starsky and Hutch" from cancellation - Jamil Hussein hopes to facillitate victories cancellation Huggy Bear had every ho on speed dial - Jamil Hussein has the whores down at APHQ on a one way non-stop feed

Huggy Bear had nice chrome rims on his pimpmobile - There are more American blood stains on Hummer rims,tires,bumpers,hoods,seats,windshields,dashboards,underbodies etc. because the whores at the AP would rather suck the chrome off of Sadaams limo even now,rather than give the side of right an even break

Huggy Bear reported "inside info" to Starsky and Hutch - The AP "reports" actually,not much(in the way of facts),from mystery informant JH

Huggy Bear stuck a feather in his hat - The c-suckers down at AP headquarters apparently have their ostrich heads rammed up their own cornholes

Huggy Bear new how to play both sides of the law - J. Hussein is any and all sides of the law

Huggy Bear was the made up character of a p*mp (one of the lowest forms of life known to man-that's why they used "poopdog" in the movie version), designed to seem like an actual human being, not deserving of humanities scorn - J. Hussein is a made up character of an informant delivering "facts" to the AP so as to portray a noble effort by honorable men as something deserving of humanities scorn,derision,hate and ever more numbers of exploding human beings on commuter buses and in crowds of people seeking gainful employment.

F-you ap, may Gods Justice find you soon

p.s. If you saw this post at "Ace of Spades HQ" ,yes,I am "Custers steed"

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