Friday, January 05, 2007

A Vote for Rudy is a Vote for a Cutie

Rudy G,He's my man,...
If he can't win it,Who cares who can !?

It's Rudy G.,I just can't wait,2 the Capitol,In 2008

But seriously, a known commodity is much better than an unknown, unknownity,and that is what makes Rudy,Rudy,He's the guy,I know he'll make it,If he'll just try, the man for the job.

Romney.The people who say he got elected in a liberal state (like that is something to be highlighted on the ol' conservative resume and whatnot)are basically out to lunch.He IS the proverbial,"Beautifully packaged presentation of the guy ya want right now" candidate they all thought Reagan really was but were wrong about. And who was it Reagan said he was gonna be just like? Oh that's right,originals don't do that.(thinking...thinking...)Uh, no.

John "I'll Open a Vain Before I vote for" McCain.Now there's a known inanity.Well actually,he's rather nane,isn't he? But in all of the most annoying ways.Fer instance:America needs more of the originalists, that President Bush has nominated,making it onto various benchi around this here country.In rides "McCain the nane",blank guns a blazin',to save the nation from decisive action and other "petty partisanship" that we're all so sick up and fed with seein' our elected officials kerryin on about as if principles was what they got put in office to uphold in the first sumpthin'.Throw in a dash(er,slashing of the 1st) of McCain/Feingold,add a (whopping) pinch of McCain/Kennedy and ya gots yerself a big ol' ace gunslinger what just shot off the part of his boot that keeps him from fallin' on his face. Uuuuuuuuuuh, Uh uh.That leaves Rudy,Rudy,He's the one,Kills terrorist too,Just hide yer gun.Seriously though,I like the guy.There's no ambiguity and he's right, as well as the most forceful,on THE defining issue of our time.Also,being a Christian,I will be praying for God to change his heart regarding the unborn.The difference between him and Romney on that one is,Rudy would be much more believeable if he did switch.AND,I don't get the vibe that he would discount, out of hand,a potential candidate for the SCOTUS because he or she is an originalist.I mean seriously,do you really think that John "Hey dems,who do YOU think I should nominate?" McCain is going to offer up the likes of Janice Rogers Brown to the SCOTUS? Not on your life.Rudys #1 thing is national security so he's not going to be looking for people who agitate for the "al kkkeda bill of rights" as we already know one J.McCain has personally authored,which led to INSANITY like terrorists being given all the priviledges of the real Bill of Rights,including ones that even our own American Fighting Man doesn't have access to.

There is only one way to go,and that is Rudy,Rudy,Rudy,Rudy!!! Do your duty Judy,and vote for Rudy.He's red white and bluedy.

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