Saturday, December 23, 2006

In appreciation of Michelle Malkin

In appreciation of Michelle Malkin
"Michelle the Marauder"
From beyond the horizon,There arose such a clatter,Such a whining of sorts,And I said "What's the matter?"

'Twas liberals they was,Cryin' "Racist!" and "Biggot!",But the sound they condemned,Held the truth and I dig it

'Twas "Maraudin' Michelle",Ridin' fast through tall grasses,She'd come to raise hell,And unleash it on asses

She said "Let there be light",And the truth shone like gold,What a beautiful site,Now the truth starved behold

And so it would go,With this ruthless marauder,Lies shown as themselves,Good people applaud 'er

Riding in righting the issues,Six gun of truth at the ready,There's none fairer around,With or without lefty yetis

I have but one wish for mine own,My dearest sweet daughter,That she grow up to be,True to self,like "Michelle the Marauder"

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