Saturday, December 09, 2006

Justice Breyer :Japanese interned in WWII = Gitmo terrorists now

Justice Breyer just compared terrorist mass murderers at Gitmo to Japanese Americans interned during WWII in his taped interview on Fox News Sunday by the notorious assassin of liberals,Chris Wallace. Hmm, considering the lawsuit against "Kramer" Richards was all about insensitivity, does it follow that the decendants of that other moment of American shame and bigotry now have a case against SCOTUS member Breyer ? Way to call him on that one Chrissy ! Wait, uh, oops. Nevermind.

When it comes to fashioning a straight thought from the most twisted and perverse methods, Justice Breyer affirms the impossibility of that happening. You see, it is impossible to get a quote, from the very nuanced one, where he makes a direct point. The reason ? Apparently, the last time he made a direct statement to fact, he was a child and it went something like this: "Mommy? I ga go potty !" In answer to which his mother, horrified with embarassment in front of her bridge club, made the little future justice in knickers hold it while doing a "jig" for benefit of the vericose laden cheek tweekers,leaving him scarred and well, the meaningless and yet, oh so dangerous lump of ambiguity we now live under the boot of. I know that's horrific English but you get the point. Your thoughts:

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Franklin Roosevelt built the New Deal coalition that dominated politics into the 1960s. He and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt remain touchstones for American liberalism. The conservatives fought back, but Roosevelt consistently prevailed until he tried to pack the Supreme Court in 1937, and the new Conservative coalition successfully ended New Deal expansion, and ended many programs like the WPA when the war started.