Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jesus to Announce for Presidency !

Jesus to Announce for Presidency:Dateline-Wash. D.C.

Washington Post:
That's right, you haven't gotten into some bad holy water, word has it that our alleged Lord and Savior is getting into the 2008 presidential race.His spokesperson and acting campaign manager,Judas Carvill, had this to say, "My fellow oythlins, I can only say, dat you are praying to, THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !! Let's here it for him folks! Ah nevamind, he already knows if yer for 'im. So let me just say, that we are prepared to go to da four cahners of dis nation ta get the suppaut a every American left standing after his retoin. Questions? Any questions?"
Tool thomas: "You mentioned 'The four corners of the earth' or some such nonsense, does this mean that Mr. Christ is a bible literalist?"
Carvill: "Now look heayah Helen, doze kinda questions woiked fine wit da soon ta be previous admen'stration, but you keep up wit dat trash on dis heayah canidate and you gonna find yo'self in a hole big woild a hoit !"
Tool gregory: "Is this just a well thought out plan using the release of Mr. Christs new movie for political advantage and are you, on His behalf, prepared to guarantee that no such manipulation has occured ?"
Carvill: "Boy! I'm gwine ta take ya'all out ta da woodshed if'n you don't come up wit somethin' real n' substintive...WIT A KWIKNESS !!! BOY !
Tool gregory: "I'm sorry, did you say what political affilliation Mr. Christ will be running as ?"
Carvill: "Dat's it ! This presser is ova! Mary, kick dat little sissy boys buttox ! Ya'all'll get da details of His strategy startin' on Monday.We're outta here!"
Anonymous tool: "Mr. Carvill, does that mean He returns on Monday ?"

More to follow in the coming days. Your thoughts:

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