Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thoughts to Consider While Pondering Whether to Think Them

Is it just me or is there a remarkable similarity between the footage J. Kerry had shot of himself in Viet Nam and the famous "Bigfoot" film ? Has Kerry and Sasquatch ever been seen together ? I know he's been seen with several endangered species like the "North American Democratous-Liberalis", but can we say for sure that he isn't in fact the large footed primate that roams the great northwest ? No wonder why Medved wants to find one.

Popular bumper sticker in any township in Mass.
"I voted for Kerry 57 times and all I got was 6 more years of his crap"

The "Cut and Run Conservatives" might help destroy this country as we know it, but I sure do feel smart standing next to one. Have your picture taken with one today. Before they wise up.

Commercial I'd like to see:
"Please give to 'Ronald McReagan House'.
'The way home, for the Conservative soul'

Hey cnn-jazeera ! The next time you're giving air time to our blood enemies, why don't you try identifying their leader like this ? "And now a word from the 'supreme commander of the killers that hide amongst women and children' ."
Oh ya, you're cnn.

always remember
"It's not the act of speaking that makes the first amendment sacred. It's the act of spilling ones blood to protect it that is."

Forget "Ways and Means", I wouldn't trust Charlie Rangel with curds and whey.

The next time your liberal pal is whining about "big oil" giving out "golden parachutes" just tell him/her that "Demonizing oil execs never filled a starving gas tank".

The Pentagon commissioned a project to develop a "scum seeking" bullet. They had to put the kybosh on the whole thing though once they realized it could never be safely demonstrated before an audience of politicians.

I went down to the pet store the other day to get a new Bombiranian. Man, when that thing "Goes" around the house, it takes the whole house with it ! It was like, "Nice doggy, nice" tic tic tic BOOM !

Just in case you were wondering why, even with their willing accomplices in the press, al qeda and the taliban don't have conventional press conferences. Actually, they do. It's just that no one has survived one yet. They always end with a real bang.

Liberal idea of a profundity: "Remember, 'integrity', 'honor' , 'courage' etc. are just ideas a bunch of dead white guys came up with, so don't bother chasing after them."

Here's a story you might see in the future (in h. clintons' dreams that is): Obama Found Dead in Car
Possible Democrat Presidential candidate and veteran of 2 full years in the Senate, Barak Obama, was found dead in the back of his limo. "Everwone thought he wuz blest wit' charisma. Toins out he wuz coised wit' 'car-asthma'." Said witness, James Carvell. "No I don't know notin' ! I jes hapnid on da seen afta he wer moided......Gimme dat cam'ra ya'all rotwing conspiatah ! OooooWE !!! You gon be in sum fine taisin' gumbo boy, ya hear ?"
That's it from Vegas. "Who gets snuffed here, Gets buried here" 2spot

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