Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Leftwing "Utopian Healthcare" of the Future

Welcome to "Mengele, Elders & Weaselthaw" where we aim to please. Even if you don't know what's good for you, we guarantee that you will recieve the appropriate care as is necessary for your specific, individual, group or sub-section of your groups tendencies.
Whether it's cryogenics - Dr. Weaselthaw, "We'll keep you on ice until your specific group is needed for a very special and fulfilling task to better the whole !"...To partial birth reconstructive surgery - Dr. Mengele, "I like to poke things !"
Ah yes, the good good "Dr. M" is a man of few words but we guarantee that he is very articulate with his instruments and is rightfully known as, "Our own little pre-emptive strike against undsirable personallity/appearance traits." Not to mention his fine work in our prenatal Jewfinder militia. He's doing excellent work there sparing the poor, inferior hebe from a life of suffering before he is captured by the state and "cleansed" for his own good. We're all about compassion here at M.E.W. laboratories.
Come along. Let me show you around.
Shhh. Here is where Dr. Elders briefs possible parents who still have the right to choose if they will have the state designated maximum of one child...lets listen in...
Dr. Elders, "Our terminal birth center only deals with pregnancies that are malignant. A malignant pregnancy being one that will in fact result in a...in a....(whispers) a borneded child....I'm sorry...just the thought of that happening is a bit much for me to handle. Well, anyway, before you get to that point there are some mandatory requirements you must first meet. The males of your state managed couplings will be instructed in a series of 'Tybo' style Fertilizer Expulsion Exercises. Remember,our nurses assistant, Gerta Jurgens, will NOT release you until she has extracted your FEEs! guffaw guffaw! You must also commit to memory the words of the hit song, "There aint nothin' wrong,
With just you and a bottle of wine"
While that is happening. the female unit will be enjoying several extended lectures from gifted speakers like, but not limited to: Naomi "All hetero sex is Rape" Wolff, Gloria "How dare you call me a lady !" Steinem and the corpse of Molly Yard. All of whom, illustrate some of the more horrofying results of male/female 'inter-co-knockin'theboots-alingus' (as oldfashioned, biological mating has come to be known by the enlightened set). The highlight of which is a splendid slideshow of seemingly well adjusted young people who are captured by secret camera doing everything from buying an S.U.V. to participating in small arms fire training and in one instance, actually voting Republican ! If that doesn't sway the potential baby makers, they are treated to in person tales from the parents of these "Cruel jokes by Mother Earth" and future "Super late-term abortion candidates" (when Hillary finally re-takes her rightful place in the Whitehouse and installs Bill as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that is).
Also, for the children who were "willed" to "Mengele, Elders and Weaselthaw", we have some pleasant cartoons starring the very entertaining and colorful Dr. Pumpenstein who takes them through some very fun "mutual exploration" games. Dr. Elders. "I mean hey, it's not like it's nothin' they aint gonna do anyhow. We all gotta die a sumthin'. Why not let it be self abuse ? G. Dub just gonna get us all kilt anyhow so ya'all might as well 'njoy yaselves ! Eh he, eh he, eh he..."

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