Saturday, November 04, 2006 injustice...

Just some headlines I'd like to see...

Heavily Armed Man Pitchforked by Amish Schoolmarm
Iranian Nuke Program Bogged Down by 'I.C.L.U.'
Foley & Frank Elope, Say "Screw the Establishment"
Nurse Beaten by Angry Patients Feigning Comas
Titan Breaks Ankle Attempting to Stomp on Foe
Webb Exposed: "Lets get that F'ing Kike,n-Lover Allen !"
Doc,Springer,Oprah ratings: Zero Point Zero !
Jesse Jackson to Corp World:"To You I give Reparations, I've Been a Real roid, Now Save Your 'Preparations"
Last Known Jihadist Blows-Up Making Bomb
Study Suggests?: Men Right "Sometimes"
Sorros,moveon to world "Sorry, We'll Knock it off "
World Rid of - Child Preds Commit Mass Suicide
Limbaugh Unveils National Monument to Self
Yankees Finish 23rd Straight Campaign in Cellar
Black Helicopter Lands on M Moore/Last Words-"I Told You so"
NY Times Expose:Class. Gov. Docs. Show-"We're Main Threat to National Security". Pelosi Demands Spec. Pros.
Fitzgerald to Libby,Country:"I'm a Dem Hack Fraud"
Study: Capitalism Linked to Prosperity
College Students Everywhere Tar & Feather Faculties
Worlwide "Thank You America Day" Celebration a Success

Drink NEW "Republican Rule-Aid" and your dreams will be that sweet

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