Friday, January 26, 2007

Sandy Burgers' #1 Hit with a Bullet

My entry in the Bennett/Burglar song contest

"Do You Want to Snatch a Sercet ?" (to tune of the Beatles,"Do You Want to Know a Secret?")Sandy Burglar & the Clintettes

You'll never know how much he really screwed you
You'll never know 'cause State just doesn't care

(He sure did)
He was doing more than peakin'
(Grabbed 'em like a squid)
Now he's selling a bum steer
Oh-oo NO-o

They would kill to see it shine
(They're cree-py)
I would love to hear them whi----ine
"Let us out of jail !"
(wawa wa waaa wa)

Law folks have known it for a long,long time
Nobody cares in Bushs' gov.

Safe now
(Clinton klan)
They will never face real justice
(Bennett can)
Make a plan to give them hell
He won't whoa - no

Turn up
(Your boom box)
Hear his fans sing so sincere
(Bout his socks)
Hear some rock 'n roll good jeers
We won't take no more

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