Saturday, February 03, 2007

Death to Molesters - Death to the Left,their partners in crime

The following is my response to this column by Linda Chavez on

2spothipshot writes:

Poor disillusioned Miss Chavez
Tsk tsk,can't you see where all these "wonderful breakthroughs" into a more enlightened society are bringing us ?

Look, the left enables and virtually legalizes child porn (here in Mexifornia,a most wise and wonderful lawmaker,Gil Sedio I think his name is,has seen to it that anything under 100 "pieces" of child porn is legal! Hooray for hell on Earth!). They are also working towards the day when one can manufacture ones own human being for "spare parts" ala the Mike J. Fox crusades. You see where they're going now ?

If the "privacy" protections imbeded in constitutional panundrums,or whatever the frick they call 'em, preclude a babys' right not to be torn apart,limb from bloody limb in the womb for the sake of his or her mothers convinience, how far can we be from the day when these freaks, who should be poleaxed in the public square, are spending taxpayer funds to create their own spawn to serve them ?

I can't help but wonder if the inertia of our current trend towards all things hell-fireish, hasn't already past the point of no return.If so, the sooner we ARE all dust in the wind the better. It hurts too much to watch my country grow as a blight on His creation.

Now, before you think I'm howling at the moon, just take a look around you. Yes,on the one hand there is industry on parade -convinience of living by all,the likes of which has never been known- and virtual miracles out of nowhere -the American Fighting Man and the virtue he spreads. But still,as Dennis Prager reminded me the other day,the questions of my childhood remain torturously unsolved. Not the least of which being: Why does not the wall, between the innocents and hell, exist unbreakable ?

Sorry to sound like a man overboard but it sometimes serves to say what's on my mind.

Carry on all you wayward souls, and when you get a chance,say a prayer for our children. God help them,not enough is being done to keep the very evil in our midst,away from their trusting,deserving of their Fathers love,innocent little souls.

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