Wednesday, February 09, 2005


  • It's ironic that in a country so brave and Free,
    Ones speech is quelled, if it offends the enemy,
    But call your country, "mean" & "fascist",
    Or suggest that one of sadaams "bathists",
    Is really like a "Minuteman",
    Just "savin' his country", the best he can,

  • You'll get applause and honors,
    From those who would be goners,
    If Mattis, that fightin' man,
    Cashed it in, forsook our plan,
    And left "them" to their devices,
    They'd kill their fans, like rats and mices.

  • So General go on,
    You have our blessing,
    Don't mind the peones,
    But for You, they'd be dressing,

  • All kinds of new & exciting,
    Wounds from phobic sows,
    All the while reciting,
    Their "must read" koran vows,

  • As they beg for mercy,
    Best not look up now,
    As Jersey or as Gurnsey,
    They'll have to kneel & kow.

  • To all the brave young men who,
    You lead straight into battle,
    God Bless them, THEY know you,
    I don't here THEM rattle.

It IS so awe inspiring,
They know what is at stake,
So if they like guns firing,
Can't they get just one break ?

  • I know that you don't need me,
    To tell you, hey, don't sweat it,
    I just hope we'll heed thee,
    'Cause now we HAVE TO get it !

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