Friday, August 21, 2009

A Prayer for Strength...

Wandering. Wondering / The thing that one can do
To make sense. To recompense / To show our love for you

Just one place, our goal, Thy face / These broke hearts, by You healed
Grace from Thee. All mercy / Sin's blocked by Your love shield

Jesus, Lord. Go toward / Confusion soon deceased
True belief. Brings relief / By you, all lies, released.

Thank you God. I love your life / When seen in my minds eye
It was so hard. So full of strife / None be so blessed as I.

I long to hear, from your mouth Lord: / The love you felt that day
Its beacon still, shines from that hill / no matter how we stray.

Happy tears, allay all fears / Lord, in you, how to worry ?
Never alone, when you are known / all concerns you bury.

Life is short, not long enough / unanswered go some doubts
The truth, the way, the life,that is / drenches any droughts

We pray unto, and yearn for you/ our lives your blessings fill,
We'll heed your call, the One who's all / bye flesh, hello Gods' will

Now as planned, Your realm at hand / with heart, soul, mind seek we,
Straight the gate, not long to wait / let's help those He can free!

Jesus, mine, this life in line / saved by Your crossed exemption
Never let, your sheep forget / to thank You for redemption

Help us, our Jesus, to hunger and thirst after your righteousness so that we may truly be filled. We love you, amen.

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