Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hurry !!! Give up, before it's too late !!!

Some are made, but not all,
To live a life so free,
As the senators who now call,
On US, "Stop spreading Liberty!".

Don't spread sweet Liberty.

Abandon now all ideals,
Revisit histories course,
Don't think, just do what one feels,
And leave without remorse.

Who are WE to force ours,
This brand of so called truth,
Upon them just for 2 towers,
There's NO "connection proof ".

Let them kill each other,
And heed Bin laden's threat,
All men are not your brother,
Why pay an unearned debt ?

Safely in your own home,
They won't give you cause,
Enough that you should go roam,
And break the U.N.'s "laws".

So lay your head down baby,
And never even think,
Some day soon just maybe,
Will bring destructions brink.

Lets face it now, stand steady,
WE cause murderous behaviors,
Ask Kerry, Barb or Teddy,
Our own blood enemies saviors.

Remember Freedom is just,
An idiosyncrasy,
Men struggled, oh how they fussed,
For this "silly" fantasy.

Now we cannot afford,
To forsake Allahs "peace",
Never mind the dull sword,
For it just brings release.
To experience joy, go here.

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Misty M. Johnson said...

I am glad that I found this blog. I plan to visit it frequently to keep updated!