Saturday, January 08, 2005

john kerry Zippo 'er Bic lighter for sale

This was a short lived auction for a fake kerry lighter.
I tried to get this onto eBay.Me thinks they didn't approve.

john kerry Viet Nam Zippo 'er Bic village burner.Sure to lite the attrocity of Your dreams,or tuff luck. Item number: 2280635359
Seller information 70stoppsman
Be the only one on Your block to own this beauty.My only requirement is that You believe the following is as real as this item.
Kerry was sent to Cambodia in Dec. '68 by "tricky Dick",that kerry brought back a "magic" hat from a C.I.A. operative that he transported there,that "Lambert Field" provides a great home advantage for the Pack,that the 99.999999999999999......% of stand-up Heroes our military produces and their WONDERFUL HeartRending Actions are NOT worth ANY media coverage and the handful of Abugrabassers deserve non-stop front page/lead story coverage,that "CBS Evening LIES" has ANY objectivity,that dan rathers name does not induce laughter,that "60 Rippits" (Riefenstahl Inspired Propagandists Posing as Informative Truth Salesmen) is NOT trying to destroy Bush/anything right leaning(including THOUGHT), that the NEW YORK CRIMES is even CAPABLE of telling the truth,that sadaam insane had "nuculer" weapons triggers but no nukes/intent to EVER deploy them,that the a.c.l.u. does'nt have blood on it's hands for forcing the release of Gitmo killers who have gone back and killed(or tried to,the lame,evil bastards) U.S. servicemen/women, that Eddie Yost was a great Red Sock,that disabled people will jump out of their wheelchairs on kerrys innauguration day,that "o'really" IS looking out for us,that kerrys home movies(he was a squid) of him dressed as a MARINE with gun belts is great"real war footage",that he was at Shea for game 6 in 1986,that a free/voting Aghganistan and Iraq means NOTHING,that OUR soldiers are All raping,decapitating, livestock killing,village burning,baby killing "Jenjis" Kahn wannabe's,that kerry ran the Boston Marathon,that HUNDREDS of Battlescarred,Decorated and Highly Honorable U.S. Veterans/P.O.W.s are all LIARS,that kerry and his Out to Lunch Bunch(remember!he knifed You guys too,or don't You),all 8 of 'em,are true blue to a fault,that John O'niel,the SWIFTYS and ALL of the former P.O.W.s are Not AMERICAN HEROES,that france,lybia,cuba and any number of hitlerian/tin-pot regimes don't represent "kerrys u.n.", that kerry has Ever ripped the u.n.,that he has EVER Passed on a chance to rip the U.S. or our Military,that we should only do what pleases France !?!,that kerry,his wife or the "Silky Pony" has had a "real job" in 30 years,that the chauntselesai Was'nt lined with trees so as to shade the herms when they took france,that I did'nt just misspell chaunt...shawntzil...shawntsilly...that place in france,that Joe IS the "real deal",that j.f'n kerry believes our Military is a force for Peace and Good in the world,that 80% of the media(100% of the old) is NOT in the back pocket of the d.n.c.,that kerry has Ever said anything that wasn't self congradulatory(how many REAL combat Vets do You know who'll never let You forget it?),that the current U.S. Military is a total failure,racially imbalanced and only there for the cheap education,that they Love their commander in chief because their inbred dummies,that Our troops can't wait for kerry to lead them,that lawrence odonell has a soul,that trial lawyers just want the best for all of us,that michael moore doesn't hate America,that Chief Justice clinton would be a good thing,that "Chairman of the Armed Services Committee ted kennedy" would be a good thing,that c. rangel in charge of ANYTHING would be a good thing,that "oil for food" wasn't a corrupt,evil system to line the pockets of the french,herms,russians and probably the red chinese(who all just happen to be against the liberation of DUNT DUNT DAAA!!! Iraq!...hmm...),that weapons made and sold by the above countries are NOT killing OUR servicemen,that AL gore,t.kennedy,c. rangel,h. dean,p.leahy et al does'nt represent the terrorists greatest hopes,that each stroke of their dull knife through another innocents neck isn't inspired by the above "American" traitors,that they saw off the heads of innocent civilians,Humanitarians, truckdrivers civil engineers,journalists(the 1st ones to go if they ever won) etc. because WE are Mean,that the mass graves in Iraq brought a better liberation than the one provided by the U.S. MILITARY,that we are NOT winning the war on terror,that kerry gives a goddamn about the U.S. fighting Man or that he'll save them by having the u.n. Command their every move.

If You honestly believe the above,You can probably have it for a cheap price(never mind the guy with the butterfly net).If You do pay the "Buy it Now",1 half will go to -
Unlike the u.n. or Buckeye crack heads however ,my VOTE is NOT for sale.So enjoy the lighter,but please,don't really burn a village with it,we already have two killer senators from Mass.!Comes with a "Certificate of Bombassity"(bombassity, is that a word?).Mark at 70stoppsman.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if any.Email questions,Mark at 70stoppsman

john kerry Viet Nam Zippo 'er Bic village burner

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