Monday, January 10, 2005

Top 10 why hussien was doomed

10.) We cut off his supply of cous cous.
9.) Premonitious dreams ain't what they used to be.
8.) Looked too much like Stalin.
7.) Ralph Nader disapproved of him.
6.) Had full support of dnc/algore.
5.) You just DO NOT challenge a Texan.
4.) Allah was watching & he was pissed.
3.) Iran wasn't really trying.
2.) French still working on one-handed fighter bomber.
And the # 1 reason why sadaam h. got bitch slapped like the flea bitten stray dog that he is.....IS, kofi couldn't get him quite enough money quite fast enough to defeat the greatest nation on earth.
This is a slightly updated version of one I wrote before the first "Gulf War" circa Jan. 1991. Oh bloggy, where were ye then ?

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