Friday, April 21, 2006

Another example of GI "terrorizing" John Kerry warned about

Vets for Freedom

Cpl Joe McCarthy was killed in action on September 6, 2004. He was a team leader with the 1st MarDiv. This picture of Joe (by photojournalist Hayne Palmour) remains one of the most captivating images of the war as it is symbolic of American goodwill in Iraq.
Joe’s widow, Amanda, and Joe’s family believe in the fight for freedom in Iraq and are strong supporters of Vets for Freedom. Joe was from St. Johns, Arizona.

This view of the VERY SECRET - if you watch/read/listen to only the U.S. media- horrors visited upon the helpless Iraqi people, who can't wait for us to leave, so that they will no longer be forced to kill each other in mass due to our irritating presence. These children had to be slaughtered like livestock later as they had come into contact with "The problem, not the solution" to violence & strife in Iraq.

Thank you jon murtha (who is responded to in the link above) and thank you t. kennedy (who is paraphrased above). If there is ANYTHING good, and not just a great big bunch more of killing, that results from your constant slander of our country and The American Fighting Man, it exists only in a fantasy land that even you traitors do not believe. You can fool the MSM. You can even fool the likes of well intentioned blokes like Hugh Hewitt, but we know that you mean harm to our country and it's finest for your own political benefit. May you rot in obl's arse after he makes you his first victims should he ever win with your disgusting help.
I pray that God will forgive me for my hatred of you. Rot in hell,

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