Monday, April 17, 2006

Sad tidings, thanks to al gore and his jive klan

Corporal Brett Lundstrom, USMC

Corporal Brett Lundstrom, USMC. Yeah, that was a proud man, from a proud family and a proud tribe. In January, they mourned this fallen patriot with a wake, the slide show of which is linked above. It is hard to reel off some sarcastic screed at acomplices to his death like the hateful, bigoted former Vice President, al gore after viewing this dignified, loving, goodbye and tribute to someone who was obviosly a pearl of a gift, given to us by our creator, for far too short a time. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please honor his memory and do ANYTHING you can to take action in your support of the American Fighting Man. If, like al gore, you believe that he is the perpetrator of attrocities, please leave this fair land as you can only serve to destroy it.

God bless you Corporal Lundstrom, may you walk forever in paradise. 2spot
Vets for Freedom

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